Ubud market in Bali Art is also well known as “ Pasar Seni Ubud”. This is one of the most famous and visited art market in Bali. The market forms as one of the Ubud’s central landmark. The Ubud art market plays important role in Ubud’s economic and social life. This art market is actually comprised into 2 sections of locations, in the eastside parts art market which serves as traditional main morning market where Balinese local shop their daily groceries and household and the other one, the art market, where there is a place where you can find unique items art from the handmade woven or cotton bags, silk scarves, tropical Bali design shirt, Basket or straw hats, statues, and many more handy crafted art items.

A guide to Ubud art market Bali

  •    Location

The Ubud art market is located opposite the Royal Ubud Palace, at Ubud Main Street 35. Karna Street is actually the pedestrian street that seems to extend and makes the market largest part, so you need to be there. The market also has several numbers of small buildings that scattered around to the streets that house sections in the market. The western blocks are for the main art market, and the eastern blocks are the traditional market that serves daily goods and groceries.

  •    When to go. The best time to visit this market is in the early morning when it opens. One reason why you should go in the early morning because it fewer crowds and sometimes you can find sellers that are willing to give you a better price as early as they open their store. There is local superstition from Balinese (and perhaps in over Asia) that sell something first in the morning as they open the store can lead to good luck for the entire day. Try to get the best price from the seller by hit the market as possible as you can be emotionally and physically, for example, saying Indonesian words such as the Indonesia for the price “Harga”, “morning price” and start to bargain. You can notice if your purchase if the first sale from the seller when you give your money, the seller will go around and tap the money on all items in the store. To look after the market entirely, it can take around 2 hours.   The art market is open every day, except in “Nyepi” where the whole holy land literally shutdowns for a whole day.
  •    What you can buy in the market.

There are a lot of unique items that you can find in this art market.

  1. Crochet.  There are huge numbers of crochet designs and it comes with unique custom Bali designs. You can find lovely crochet bikinis and bag to match with your outfit.
  2. Traditional Balinese sarongs. There are many patterns and colors available, the minimalist Bali traditional  sarongs can let you throw away the overwhelmed things.
  3. Straw hats.
  4. Balinese style paintings
  5. Ikat woven skirts
  6. Moroccan style oil lamps
  7. Wood carvings and woven baskets
  8.  More items rankings

Ubud art market is considered as art market that features with higher quality items and has wider collections item rather than other main tourism art market in Bali.

Alternative for Ubud Art Market in Bali

Is there other art market in Bali that you can visit? Of course, Bali is paradise for art and crafts. You can find other interesting things and good in other art markets in Bali such as in Sukawati art market,

  1.    Sukawati art market. Sukawati art market is also known with Pasar Seni Sukawati. This is the longstanding art market in Bali and regarded as the Mother of art market in Bali Island. The name of this art market is referring to the village which it famous with the communities of traditional artists, comprise to painters, sculptors, and dancers. Sukawati art market is most common highlight tour itinerary in Bali and becomes the first thing to keep in mind when buying Bali’s souvenirs with great bargain prices.  In this art market, it comprises into two storey building that filled with different stalls and sculptures, Kamasan style paintings, and other similar features items. When visit this art market, ensure you have sufficient time to explore the market. Be patient when search your desire stuffs or souvenirs and ask for the comparison before you finally strike a transaction deal. Sukawati art market is located in Jl. Raya Sukawati, Gianyar.
  2.    Guwang art market. Guwang art market is often considered as sister art from Sukawati art market. This because the market is considerable with the size and the similar item offering, which it means this art market poses as good alternative when you see crowded in Sukawati art market. This art market is filled mainly with arts and souvenirs shopping destination. This is a must-visit destination in East Bali. The main market is comes with different shop. Guwang itself regarded as art village and in along of the Guwang street main road, you can see lines of the Sculptor’s Workshop, mini galleries, and art shops. Guwang art market is only 1km from Sukawati art market. If you spend more time in this art market, you might find the specific item that cannot found in Guwang and only available in Sukowati.
  3.    Kumbasari art market. Kumbasari art market is longstanding art market in Denpasar that form and known as central landmark and main traditional market in the city along with Badung traditional market. The Kumbasari art market is located on the western side of Badung River, opposite to the Badung Market and featured with 2 stores laid out with small art shop, electronics, and textile shops.   The second level featured with large hall where filled with huge variety of souvenirs items and a lot of art pieces, from the mini sculptures into silverware.
  4.    Kuta art market. Kuta art market is recently outshone by modern Kuta square arcade that lined with world-class designer brands, fashion boutiques, and surfs shops. In the past, it is the famous part in Kuta beach resort area and becomes important part of Kuta. This is a longstanding Kuta’s landmark and traditional art market in Bali. The prices can be high, but you can still bargain. The items you can find in this art market mostly come from Gianyar crafts and arts. Make sure, when you deal with the seller, check to the quantity and quality from your items before paying the dealer.

When you take the tour to Bali and plan to buy souvenirs with unique Bali identity, then these art markets should be on your itinerary. These art markets have all you love with goods and stuff that connected with Bali.

Tips when you visit the art market in Bali.

Negotiate is the most important thing when you visit the art market in Bali. How to bargain price in Bali art market? When asking the seller price, then bargain with count 30% from the figured number and then the seller will work to way up your offers until you and the seller deal to the transaction. One thing that you should know, when you and the seller agrees with the price you have a bargain with, then it is not a polite thing or at least nice to change your mind.  Last but not least, visit the art market and the shop will be a little bit like vintage shopping. There are many goods to offer, and there will be easier to get overwhelmed which one that you want to buy. Ubud Art Market in Bali has a lot of things to explore, spend your time when visiting the market and visualize to all things you see with less of hectic context and make you sure to find something that amazing to buy.

Planning your tour to Bali

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