Visiting Bali would not be enough if you do not visit the malls. Malls are the best alternative to find souvenirs or other daily items in case you need it. Other than that, if you are not sure where to go or how to get around Bali then you can give Sandholiday a call.

In fact, Sandholiday will accommodate anything you need during your vacation in Bali. Later in this article, we will give brief information about Sandholiday tour and travel agency but now, we will show you 10 best shopping malls in Bali.

#1 Kuta Beachwalk

Kuta Beachwalk was established in 2012 and can be touted as the most ambitious project in the Kuta main beach in that year or even today. The mall will give you a series of entertainment stuff such as dining, department store, well-known brand outlets, and many more. The design is pretty unique and airy, which will also allow you to get items from luxury boutiques and brands.

You can even enjoy a cup of coffee and witness the sunset from this mall. If you are not into standalone restaurants and prefer something local then you can head to its huge food court. The food court offers various foods from around the world for sure. If the day is too hot and you want to get out of your hotel but refuse to feel the sun then Kuta Beachwalk might be the perfect spot you need to go to.

#2 Mal Bali Galeria

Talking about the well-established shopping malls, the Mal Bali Galeria is one on the list. The mall is really appealing for both local and foreign visitors. Locating near Simpang Dewa Ruci, this mall serves as the unofficial landmark for Simpang Dewaruci that connects Nusa Dua with Kuta and Sanur.

Throughout the years, the mall has been undergone a series of changes and upgrades, which now you may find the largest ACE Hardware store on the island. Other than that, there are a supermarket, outlets for several well-known international brands, and a huge car park. The main concept of this mall is a family mall, which will bring you to various dining outlets, a pack of regular entertainment right in its courtyard, and a cinema. Chilling on the weekend can be definitely spent in this place.

#3 Discovery Shopping Mall

Discovery Shopping Mall is another well-established mall in Bali. The mall is located in the complex of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel and right across the road, you may find a water park, the Waterboom Bali. The location features a great beachside with its breeze air and an open-air amphitheater on Kuta Beach.

Inside the mall, you will find a lot of lifestyle and fashion outlets spread over this three-story building. Other than that, there are various standalone restaurants and franchise fast food merchants offering a wide range of cuisines and snacks. If you want to look for some souvenirs then you can get them from the souvenir market located on the southern side of this building. The souvenir market is also a great source of interesting handicrafts and local knick-knacks without bargaining that hard.

#4 Seminyak Village

Seminyak Village is also one of the latest malls in Bali, you may find a good seafood restaurant seminyak there. The mall is located in the Seminyak main roads. Other than that, the mall is also situated behind Seminyak Square, which also offers a shopping hub even though it is smaller and only offers outlets in a limited number. Many popular retail brands and fashions spread across this two-story entertainment arcade that can be reached by using escalators and elevators.

The luxury designer boutiques and brands include MCM for travel wear and luxury leather bags, stylish ladies’ pieces by Sarah Khan, and beachwear from MC2 Saint Barth, Milo’s Collezioni, and Lily Jean. As we have mentioned earlier, you will need those items to survive your vacation on Bali Island.

#5 Lippo Mall Kuta

The Lippo Group Company is one of the largest companies in Indonesia and Lippo Mall Kuta is one of the malls that stay under the name of Lippo. This mall is also the closest mall from Ngurah Rai Airport. It also features generous space for the front area along with a mini food court. You can easily reach the food court by walking through Jalan Kartika Plaza.

Inside the mall, you will find a lot of fashion stores along with other tenants spread across the three-story building. Its large atrium is commonly used for special events spot and the tenants will surround the atrium. In the basement level, you will also find a sunken plaza which also the location of several favorite restaurants. If you are looking for the department store and the games arcade then you can go upstairs.

#6 Park 23

This mall can be touted as the latest mall to establish in Bali. The building is located near the Circus Water Park. The concept of this mall is young and fun, which will let you find some entertainment, exhibition, and shopping center inside the mall. There is also an outdoor dining court in this mall and it embraces the street-facing concept. It provides various street foods from local and international.

The Park 23 Mall will also bring in the national rated cinema later this year. Other than that, the next upgrade will include the arcades and amusement centers. But for now, this mall will accommodate your basic needs.

#7 Level 21 Denpasar

Talking about Denpasar, there were a limited number of shopping malls in the capital city of Bali. The Level 21 Denpasar is the latest shopping building in Denpasar and features various tenants inside. Other than fashion stores from international brands, this mall also provides you with outlets of food and drink as well as other entertainment spots throughout this four-story entertainment building.

We can say that the mall is a total expansion and revamp of the Denpasar Junction, its former building. This is why you will find it hard to ignore this building that is located on the easternmost end of Jalan Teuku Umar. This mall also provides a very spacious atrium interior that will spoil you during your window shopping activity. Other than that, there are plenty of nooks you can use for taking pictures.

#8 The Bali Collection

The Bali Collection is located in the complex of its five-star accommodation in Nusa Dua. It offers a high-end shopping experience with its Sogo department store and other tenants of international brands. There are a bunch of food and drink outlets along with spa centers and other interesting entertainment spots.

This shopping center also features trees, benches, and other items for lounging, not to mention how clean and well maintained this place is. The crowd is also not as bad as other shopping malls on the island. If you want to do a window shopping with exclusivity then you need to visit this place. And if you are not sure how to get there then you can give Sandholiday a call to arrange your itinerary.

#9 Duta Plaza Bali

The first Matahari Department Store in Bali is located in this mall. Duta Plaza and Matahari have turned into an interchangeable thing on the island. Other than that, this single building located in Jalan Dewi Sartika is also the home of several outlets of brands like Hush Puppies and Nike.

There are also other outlets that offer perfumes. The price may come at a higher rate compared to other malls in Denpasar. However, this mall could provide better quality for every single item. Besides, this mall has somewhat a huge variety of options. The parking lot is located in the rooftop, which is rare in this area.

#10 Carrefour Plaza Kuta

We all know that Carrefour has a reputable rate worldwide. Other than that, its huge markets are spread across Indonesia. Carrefour has two main stores in Kuta and the biggest one is located on Sunset Road. You will not miss this building since it is pretty big and spread across the Simpang Dewaruci, not to mention its big yet recognizable logo.

The goods offered might be similar to other Carrefour buildings elsewhere, such as household products and daily necessities. But the Carrefour in Bali also features local yet unique items made by the local communities. The best part is that those items are only available in Bali.

Brief information about Sandholiday

Since Bali has become one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world, you will need a reliable tour and travel agency to help you or accommodate your needs during the vacation. Sandholiday tour and travel will be anything you need when it comes to holiday matters. Besides, this company has been registered according to local law and regulation.

Sandholiday will provide a comfortable vehicle, which you can choose on your own. This company also puts the customers on top of the list. This is why you need to choose Sandholiday in case you need vehicles to accommodate your vacation in Bali without putting aside the fun part of the journey.


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