Attractions given by Nusa Dua are something you cannot skip when you are in Bali. Other than that, you really do not want to miss those interesting shows and activities you may only get in Nusa Dua. Since you may stay in limited time in Bali, you will need the help of a trip agency. 

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So, in this article, we are going to talk about things you cannot skip when you are in Bali especially in Nusa Dua. There are various beautiful things you must see and do or your trip would not feel complete. Here are the best 10 things you must do in Nusa Dua. 

#1 Devdan Show 

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When you are at Nusa Dua, you must go to Nusa Dua Theater and watch the performance of Devdan Show: Treasure of the Archipelago. This 90-minute show is definitely stealing the highlight performance in this theater. The highlight of this performance is a journey of tribes through the Indonesian Archipelago. The storyline is pretty fun and it is described through numerous acts. 

The whole show is narrated and acted by both boy and girl who find a magical box filled with stuff that represents every island as well as its culture. They have a pretty yet stunning choreography and those all are done by skilled acrobats and dancers who will give you constant thrills. The dances are reflecting the diversity in cultures of Indonesia such as Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Bali, and Papua. 

#2 Pandawa Beach 

Pandawa Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. It features one kilometer of long coast and is located right behind the limestone cliffs. You need to get through 8 kilometers of a drive to the southwest if you take off from Nusa Dua hub. The beach will show you the impressive panorama of the ocean and a line of huge limestone cliffs. The cliffs were deliberately cut through for the access to the beach that features winding road. 

The cliffs face the ocean and its slope features arches that had been deeply carved. There are large statues and each of them depicts a hero from the Mahabharata story called the five Pandavas. This also inspired the name of this beach. You can enjoy various water activities, restaurants, stalls, refreshments, and others. 

#3 Water Blow 

Water Blow of Nusa Dua will let you see and witness the powerful power of nature. The large waves brought from the Indian Ocean will constantly crash against the edges of a huge limestone located in the south-eastern cliff of the peninsula. You can easily get to the place where you can witness all of those things after passed through the paved footpaths located in the southern area of the “twin islands”. In this spot, you will get to see 240 degrees of a fantastic seascape. The irregular sprays and splashes you may get from the waves that crash the cliff will be the additional fun you would be experiencing for sure. 

#4 Mengiat Beach 

Nusa Dua seems like home for several fun beaches in Bali. Mengiat Beach is located in Nusa Dua and locally, this beach is referred to as Pantai Mengiat. This beach is the main beach in this area. However, you can only access this location by getting through its main gateway near the Bali Tourism Development Complex gardens’ midsection. 

Several five-star resorts feature this beach as their beachfront, such as the Ayodya Resort and the Grand Hyatt. The water that is located close to the beach is calm which makes this beach perfect for swimming, considering it features an offshore reef break. You can also snorkel on this beach. You can also bring your surfing board because the waves are one of the best ones on the island. If you are lucky, you can also see some local fishermen head out to the sea through Mengiat Beach. 

#5 Bali Camel Safaris 

Do you want something different to do during your Bali vacation? Well, you should try Bali Camel Safaris. This activity offers a fun yet unique way to explore the beach located in the southern part of Sawangan coast. Also located in Nusa Dua, this camel-riding activity features a few well-trained camels that will take you on a peaceful yet steady ride along the stunning white-golden beach.  

The ride will start from the Nikko Bali Resort beachfront. You can choose your own package of this camel-riding activity. The package may include free lunch, water sports, and also extra excursions. You will stop at Geger Beach for lunch and it takes at least two persons for the minimum booking. It will be one of the most fun activities just like go down a Sahara-like ride with family or friends. 

#6 Geger Temple 

Geger Temple is a cultural and historical bastion location in the middle of several modern yet luxury five-star resorts in Nusa Dua. Located on top of limestone cliffs with a stretch line of white sand down there, this temple will provide a great setting for you who love photography. Also, you can enjoy stunning panoramas in the clear mornings if you look over the bay featuring Mount Agung on the horizon line. In a quiet day, when the coastline is also calm and barren, the local seaweed farmers will harvest their crops. Other than that, the bay will adjoin the Mulia Resort beachfront. 

#7 Garuda Wisnu Kencana 

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Garuda Wisnu Kencana is like the icon of Bali. It takes 20 minutes of driving from the main hub of Nusa Dua to the southwest. The park is located upon the Ungasan Hill. The centerpiece of this park is a gigantic statue of god Vishnu with its ride, the Garuda. Initially, all the pieces are made separately and it took more than one decade to finish the pieces.  

Nowadays, you may see that the statue has been assembled and it makes this statue as the second tallest statue in the world. Other than the statue, there are other interesting things you can do in this place like visiting the amphitheater and buy gifts or souvenirs. The landscape is interesting for photography too. 

#8 Pasifika Museum 

Pasifika Museum shows a series of collections related to historical and cultural artifacts as well as artistic items from more than 200 artists around the world. The museum is dominated by Balinese and cultural life theme. Other than that, you can also be the witness of the artworks of Nyoman Gunarsa (Balinese painter) and Raden Saleh (Javanese artist), which both are the most notable artists in Indonesian art. 

There are eleven display rooms and each room is a home for a different series of art. All you need is visiting each display room so you can admire all the works that people have made throughout the year. This museum is located in the Bali Tourism Development Corporation, Nusa Dua. 

#9 Bali National Golf Club 

Formerly, this golf club was named the Bali Golf & Country Club. If you love to do sports then this place will draw your attraction. This golf course covers a huge portion of the south area of Bali Tourism Development Complex. It also features flowering gardens that get the best service every day along with the cast undulating greeneries. The golf club was designed by Rodney Wright and Robin Nelson and features a Hawaiian style. You may get the Paspalum turf in front of your eyes along with the scalloped bunkering lined the most elevated greens and fairways. 

From the tips, the course can be played to over 7100 yards. Other than that, there is a modern clubhouse and a luxury restaurant facing the Indian Ocean. The wide greens will be the best spot to warm up before you hit your game. So, if you are into some sports things then you really need to visit this golf course in Nusa Dua. 

#10 Puja Mandala 

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Bali is like the home of various temples and praying sites. Puja Mandala is one of them that you may find in Nusa Dua. Puja Mandala is a unique religious complex that also offers some cultural knowledge to the visitors, considering this is the place where the five main religions in Indonesia could pray. Puja Mandala is also referred to as the hill of worship and located in the main hub of Bali Tourism Development Complex. 

This complex offers a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, a Protestant Church, a Catholic Church, and an Islamic mosque. It also becomes the landmark and epitome of religious in harmony. Besides as a destination highlight, this complex also serves as a functional worshipping place for all religions. Some people also use this complex for celebrating holy days, hosting weddings, and many more.


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