Uluwatu is popular for its temples and sunset moments. This is why you need to manage your time so you can visit Uluwatu. It will be one of the best moments of your life if you can enjoy the sunset in the most iconic temples. Other than that, you will not be able to resist the blue water down the cliff along with white waves from afar. 

Bali is also the home of local culture that you will not find in another place in the world. One of them is Kecak Dance. It will be another interesting experience to watch the dance with a dramatic sunset as the backdrop. Other than that, there are other places you must visit during your day trip when you are in Uluwatu. 

Since there are various places you can visit in Bali, it will be perfect if you rely on the itinerary and vehicles and accommodation to Sandholiday tour and travel. Sandholiday is a company that specifically accommodated tour and travel. It has been around in the country since 2017 and will provide new vehicles with several options you can choose that may suit your needs. 

The vehicles are very comfortable and filled with a bunch of entertainment items along with safety. Sandholiday puts the convenience of its customers on the front yet highest place so the customers would get the best experience during their vacation. But in this article, we will show you several places you must visit in Uluwatu. 

Uluwatu Temple 

Pura Luhur Uluwatu or Uluwatu Temple is the iconic temple in this area and you really need to see this place during your vacation in Bali. Located right on the edge of limestone cliff surrounded by forest, this temple will give you the tropical daytime trip. And if you are lucky, you may find some long-tailed macaques in gray color in the forest. 

The wave that breaks the cliff near the temple is also named after the temple. It is also part of the surfing playgrounds with premier class in the southern coast of the island. In the evening, you can witness the stunning scenery from the setting sun and cliff temple as the dramatic backdrop of Kecak Dance. 

The dance is held regularly in the open-air theater, which is located in the same complex with the temple. You may need to be aware of the monkeys because they are a natural con and pickpocket artist. Also, stay alert of the scams in this area. 

Garuda Wisnu Kencana 

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park or also known as GWK is an iconic landmark project located in the Jimbaran’s hill. The icon is Vishnu rides his Garuda and the statue has done this year. It is also touted as one of the tallest statues in the world. 

Other than that, this park also features various venues that sometimes used for music concerts, wedding area, and many more. There is also an amphitheater in this park it has a regular show. The show involves many local dancers and it tells about a folk legend in Bali. There are also several restaurants, Segway rentals, and some shopping spots. GWK is definitely a place you cannot resist during your Bali vacation. 

Kecak “Fire” Dance 

Kecak Dance can be touted as one of the most breathtaking dance performances you may find around the world. Other than that, you will also find that fire is featured in this dance as it is used for its centerpiece, a tall fire torch. Kecak Dance is also the most powerful performance across the island. 

The dance is about an artistic rendition of Ramayana story, in live. The story also tells about a group of monkey army along with antagonist and protagonist players namely Rama and Sinta as well as the Evil Ravana. The unique part of this performance is that there is no orchestra accompaniment. The sound produced during the performance is only stated by the male dancers. The best place to enjoy the dance is in the open amphitheater near the Uluwatu Temple, where you can also see the sunset as its backdrop. 

Padang Padang Beach 

Talking about surfing spots in Bali, Padang Padang Beach is one of the best among them. Other than that, the beach is interesting to enjoy the sun in the daytime. The beach gained popularity due to the secluded setting and the consistent swells of the beach. It takes a 45-minute drive from the center of Kuta to this beach. 

You will also need to pass stairs and crevice of a hollow rock. But then you will see the gorgeous white sand and also the stunning beach. Surfing on this beach needs an advanced skill. However, this beach is also a good spot to spend your weekend with family. Other than that, there are several stalls that sell local foods and handicrafts. 

Suluban Beach 

Suluban Beach is also popular as the Blue Point Beach. The beach is located next to the pro surf spot in the North Uluwatu. The beach will show you a narrow stretch of white and black sands. You will also need to pass through hundreds of staircase and rocky openings before heading to the beach. 

Many surfers from around the world go to this beach for the powerful swells. The beach also shows the consistent barrels that will be very interesting to ride through. From the top of the cliff, you will see the wave running beautifully catching each other. Before you get through the stairs, you will also find several stalls that sell local knick-knacks and various beverages. 

Balangan Beach 

Balangan Beach can be touted as one of the hidden beaches owned by the island. Also, this beach has great waves that attract pro surfers around the world. Other than that, you will witness a gorgeous coast that is also a New Kuta Golf’s signature hole 15. The beach is located a dozen steps from the cliff. But you will get a nice picture of the beach if you go up to the hills and head to the vantage point. It offers an excellent panoramic angle. 

The golden sand stretches along and touches the blue water. You can see how interesting the surfers play with the wave from afar. If you are into photography then you would love to stay until the sunset goes down. You can also swim in the ocean even though most of the occupants are surfers. Besides, there is no lifeguard on this beach so you better be a pro swimmer too. Foods and snacks are available at the stalls in the coastline’s eastern side. 

Pandawa Beach 

Pandawa Beach or Pantai Kutuh in the local language is one of the stunning beaches located in the southernmost of this island. It features a long stretch of white sands which and calm ocean waters. It is a good spot for swimming and there are various water sports activities you can try in the daytime. There are also various restaurants located along the coastline where you can find simple meals like burgers and kinds of pasta up to Indonesian foods. 

The beach is framed by a carved limestone cliff. There are also some big statues and each statue depicts a character from an epic of Mahabharata. The heroes are known for the five Pandavas. It takes about one hour of drive from the center of Kuta. 

Dreamland Beach 

Dreamland Beach is also one of the secluded beaches on the island. It is framed by cliffs of rugged limestone around the Bukit Peninsula’s western coast. This beach can be accessed through the cast Pecatu Graha and Pecatu Indah Resort mega-complex. Surfing is one of the most interesting activities on the beach. Also, you can just chill on the white sands while witnessing the blue Indian Ocean in front of your eyes. 

Bingin Beach 

When it comes to world-class surfing spots, Bingin Beach is one of them. The beach is located in the south part of the island or several kilometers from Uluwatu and Padang Padang Beach. The beach basically features a relaxing yet calming coastline fringed by the limestone cliff. Other than that, you will see the waves come from afar and some reef breaks. Those are only for pro surfers and advanced riders. 

When the tide is low, you can definitely go snorkeling and swimming. And if you are not a surfer then you can enjoy the beauty of the beach from the hills, witnessing the horizon. It takes one hour of driving from the center of Kuta or several minutes from Uluwatu Temple. Some stalls are located near the beach. 

New Kuta Golf Course 

Talking about golf courses, you may also try to visit the premier golf course named the New Kuta Golf. This golf course features a standard course for a championship and the first links style layout in Indonesia. You will be able to enjoy various styles in this course no matter what skill level you currently are. 

The golf course is located right next to a water park with the same name. It also only takes a 20-minute drive from the international airport. If you take Sandholiday for your holiday guide and transportation, you can definitely enjoy every place on this island



What are the places to visit in Uluwatu?

1. Uluwatu Temple
2. Garuda Wisnu kencana
3. Kecak Fire Dance
4. Padang Padang Beach
5. Suluban Beach
6.Balangan Beach
7. Pandawa Beach
8. Dreamland Beach
9. Bingin Beach
10. New Kuta Golf Course

What is Pandawa Beach?

In the local language is one of the stunning beaches located in the southernmost of this island.

How long does it take to get to New Kuta Golf Course?

It also only takes a 20-minute drive from the international airport.


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