To enjoy the most of Bali, one of the basic necessities that must be satisfied is a comfortable accommodation. And what it means with comfortable accommodation in Bali is a place to stay that provides you with excellent services, luxury amenities, and everything that makes you feel in paradise. Most of the time, the cost to enjoy such luxury and comfortable accommodation in Bali can be quite high. However, if you plan your trip properly at the beginning of your Bali tour, you may be able to get a significant cut for your accommodation cost.

There are several ways to find a good but cheap villa. If you look carefully, there are actually some cheap villas in Bali that offer services and amenities comparable with those of a 5-star hotel. If you consult Sandholiday, this charter company might be able to escort you to some hidden villas that offer excellent service with affordable price. If you prefer a short list of cheap villas that provide you with excellent services, here are 20 heavenly luxury Bali villas for under $100 per night.

The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa

This resort is located near Ubud, an attractive tourist destination that is famous for its lush rural scenery and serene atmosphere. Staying at this villa makes you feel like a king. You can enjoy massage and spa to keep your body and mind refreshed and you will stay in a palace-like enclosure with a swimming pool and lush Heaven and Earth water garden. You can enjoy all of such luxuries for only $70 per night.

Taman Sari Bali Villa

Seminyak, which is located not very far from Sandholiday Bali’s head office, is known for its artistic merchandise. If you decide to stay in this area, you will not stay too far from the arts. This artistic atmosphere is also perceived when you stay in Taman Sari Bali Villa. Everything that you see there, from stone swimming pool decorations to bedroom accessories, look artistic and aesthetically pleasing. You can enjoy such artistic accommodation for only $85 a night.

Dewani Villa Resort

If you plan to include Kerobokan in your Sandholiday itinerary, Dewani Villa Resort is the best and might be the cheapest resort that you can find in the area. For a price that starts at $24, you can enjoy undisturbed privacy and 3-star-resort luxuries that make you feel at home. Immerse your body in the cool swimming pool when the day gets hot and enjoy a delicious meal at the resort’s open restaurant.

Wiswarani Villas

Penestanan is often regarded as the most secluded retreat for tourists seeking tranquility. If you plan to stay there, you need to find a serene villa that allows you to enjoy the most in regard to your privacy. Wiswarani Villas are thus the best place to choose. There are a number of villas available and the price is $66 per night to enjoy its open-air areas, tropical garden, and refreshing pool.

Maha Ungasan Villas

These villas are located in Uluwatu, giving you easy and fast access to Dreamland Beach and the famous Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. Because it is located right on the southwestern shore of Bali, it is a perfect spot to watch the sunrise. Stay at these villas with a price that starts at $76.

Puri Hari Resort and Villas

Puri Hari Resort and Villas are located in Ubud. What is special about this place is that it allows you to embrace the serene atmosphere of Ubud without distancing yourself from the luxury of modernity. The design of the villas is purely modern and the amenities that they offer also reflect modern luxuries. Stay at one of these villas for only $58 per night.

Paradise Loft Villas

When you stay at one of these villas, you will forget that you are in Bali. The Mediterranean design of the building is so overwhelming and the direct sight of Tanjung Benoa, even if you are swimming in the pool, make you feel that you are in Greece or any nearby places. Stay there to enjoy their luxury and you only need to pay $53 per night.

Villa Kresna Boutique and Suites

Seminyak, its shops, and its beaches are great, but they can be too crowded. If you stay in Villa Kresna, which is located at Jalan Sarinande, which is a side street in Seminyak, you can get easy and fast access to all Seminyak attractions including best seafood in Seminyak without having to suffer from its crowdedness. Stay in this villa for only $59 per night.

Villa Lua

If a part of your Sandholiday tour is a stop at Canggu, Villa Lua should be the best villa to stay in. From this small villa, all great tourism spots in Canggu, including Echo Beach and Canggu Beach, are within walking distance. You can also join the Yoga class that this villa provides to its guests. Price is $57 per night.

Agung Raka Resort and Villas

If your Sandholiday tour is a business one, you and your colleagues should consider staying at Agung Raka Resort and Villas. The villas are perfect for holidaymakers and business travelers, with facilities including Wi-Fi internet, conference rooms, and a business center. This Ubud luxury accommodation will cost you $43 per night.

Pandan Tree Villa

Pandan Tree Villa, Canggu, offers perfect accommodation, especially for honeymooners. The villa feels romantic with all candle decorations that the staff maintains to stay alive. It also feels luxurious with its open concept. To enjoy a romantic honeymoon at this luxury villa, you only need to pay $79 per night.

Villa Seminyak Estate

This villa complex consists of 53 villas that look identical, so you don’t have to be confused about choosing the best accommodation for you when you decide to stay there. All villas are well-equipped and you will feel at home there. Because they are located near Seminyak, getting to the best attractions in the area should not be hard. The cost of staying in Villa Seminyak Estate is $79 per night.

Candy Villa

When you stay at Candy Villa, you will enjoy a truly peaceful haven in the middle of the lush rice field of Ubud. You will not be disturbed by all the hustles and bustles of Bali’s busier hot spots and you can enjoy a restful vacation with your family or friends. The cost to stay at this villa is $56 per night.

Sekar Nusa Villas

What is great about these villas is that they bring the beach atmosphere to your doorstep. The villas are integrated with the white sand beaches of Nusa Dua. You can swim either in the nearby seawater or in the villa’s swimming pool, which has an ocean-like design. Stay at this villa for $70 per night for a real beachside life sensation.

Villa Lisha

A Sandholiday tour is mostly large in size, so you will also need large space to accommodate your trip members. Villa Lisha in Canggu is a perfect choice if you travel with your family members and friends. There are two bedrooms in the villa and the living spaces feel airy and spacious. The modern yet exotic design of this villa gives you an awesome vacation experience in Bali. Stay at this villa for $95 per night.

Danoya Villa

In Danoya Villa, Seminyak, everything is private. In addition to all the private things you normally get in luxury accommodation, you will also get a private pool, a private garden, and everything that eliminates disturbances. Danoya Villa is great, especially for honeymooners. You and your loved one can stay at this villa for $67 per night.

Abi Bali Resort Villas and Spa

Located on upland in Jimbaran, Abi Bali Resort Villas and Spa provide you with the luxury amenities of a four-star villa and a great view of the surrounding areas. This place is a perfect place to stay if you hire Sandholiday charter service because it is located not very far from the company’s head office. From this villa, which costs you $49 per night, you can enjoy easy access to Kuta and Legian beaches, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua.

Zoe Villa

This small family-owned villa will make you forget about all the great things that you can enjoy outside. Why? Because this villa has everything to make you feel pampered and entertained. With facilities that include a pool, a kitchenette, an ensuite bathroom, and a bedroom, and modern amenities that fulfill your need of entertainment and information, you don’t have to go outside to satisfy all of your needs.

Dayuh Ubud Green

Dayuh Ubud Green is a villa located amidst the serene and scenic settings of Ubud rural area, but not very far from a town and all facilities that it offers. It is thus an excellent place to stay if you want to enjoy the most of your privacy, but don’t want to stay too far from shops, restaurants, and everything else. Stay at this villa for only $74 per night.

Benoa Quay Beach Villa

If you are looking for the best home-like villa during your Sandholiday tour, Benoa Quay Beach villa should be one of the best villas to choose. Here, you will not only enjoy an excellent blend of modern amenities and traditional Balinese decorations but also be able to cook your meal yourself just like at home because it provides you with a full kitchen. Stay at this place for $93 per night.



What are the Celestial Luxury Bali Villas at prices under $ 100 per night?

1. The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa
2. Taman Sari Bali Villa
3. Dewani Villa Resort
4. Wiswarani Villa
5. Maha Ungasan Villas
6. Puri Hari Resort and Villas
7. Paradise Loft Villas
8. Villa Kresna Boutique and Suites
9. Villa Lua
10. Agung Raka Resort and Villas
11. Pandan Tree Villa
12. Villa Seminya Estate
13. Candy Villa
14. Sekar Nusa Villas
15. Villa Lisha
16. Danoya Villa
17. Abi Bali ResortVillas and Spa
18. Zoe Villa
19. Dayuh Ubud Green
20. Benoa Quay Beach Villa

What comfortable accommodations in Bali?

Comfortable accommodation in Bali is a place to stay that provides the best service, luxurious amenities, and everything that makes you feel in paradise.

What is unique about Puri Hari Resort and Villas?

The design of this villa is purely modern and the facilities offered reflect modern luxury.