There are obviously many exciting things to do on a tropical island like Bali; however, if you only do what you usually do on a tropical island, you will not be able to embrace the uniqueness of Bali. If you want to make the most of the paradise, you need to understand all the unique things that you can experience in Bali. You need to understand the top experiences that make you feel that you are in Bali, not in any other tropical islands on earth. Sandholiday as a bus charter company can show you all great places in Bali that have little equivalence in other parts of the world, but if you want to know the most unique parts of Bali, the list below should satisfy you.

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Bali Landscape


Understanding the landscape of the entire island is the first thing that will make you aware that you are in a truly special place on earth. When you think about Bali, don’t think only about its beaches. Understanding the island’s landscape allows you to be acquainted with Bali from its beaches in Kuta and Sanur to its highest volcanic peaks on Mount Agung and Mount Batur, from its beautiful underwater scenery to its serene lake, and from its lush rice field in Ubud to its well-preserved jungles in Sangeh and the National Park. This kind of geographic combination is rarely found outside Bali and Bali’s geography allows you to visit diverse types of the landscape without ever having to leave the island. Sandholiday will gladly help you if you need more information about all unique places to visit in Bali and reliable transportation to reach all of those places.


Balinese Culture


Bali is famous not only due to its exotic beaches. Bali is also famous because of its rich cultural heritage. Balinese people maintain their cultural traditions so strongly that when you visit certain places in Bali, you can hardly miss the cultural elements that make those places unique. When you visit places like Karangasem, Terunyan, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, you will certainly agree that deep cultural root is an integral part of Balinese people and subsequently Bali’s attractions. In fact, some of the most famous attractions that you can observe in Bali, such as Barong and Legong dances, show clear evidence of how culturally rich Balinese people and Bali’s attractions are. If you visit all great places in Bali but fail to embrace their cultural atmosphere, your tour may feel somewhat bland.


Bali’s Spirituality


Tied with Balinese culture is Bali’s rich spirituality. Balinese people are so spiritual that you can hardly find any places, any activities, and any attractions in Bali that have no spiritual value. There is a good reason why Bali is often called the island of the gods. Nothing in Bali lies in a vacuum and spirituality has always been an important element of everything that you can experience in Bali. The rich spiritual atmosphere in Bali is evident, especially in the ubiquity of temples in virtually all places in Bali. Temples in Besakih, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, and other tourism hotspots in Bali, which you can explore easily by joining Sandholiday Tour, actually become the focal points that make the places where they are located interesting. Even at places with no famous temple, Bali’s spirituality can still be easily observed. You will see shrines and offerings at almost every place in Bali and if you wonder why those monkeys in the Monkey Forest are left undisturbed, it is because they are considered sacred.

Monkey Forest Bali

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Understanding Bali’s spirituality allows you to participate in certain festivals that show how spirituality can actually be very attractive. You can participate in Ngaben or cremation ceremony, Galungan festival, and all festivities that occur after the sabbatical day of Nyepi.

Understanding Bali’s spirituality also allows you to understand what to do and not to do when you are on this island. Because certain activities, such as going out during Nyepi and touching someone’s head, can be considered sacrilegious, you can avoid all things that may offend Balinese people, put you in some problematic situation, and ultimately make your trip much less interesting and even annoying.


Balinese People

If you wonder what the most unique thing about a certain place is, the best answer is always its people. People who live in a certain place make that place a unique one. This is also not an exception if you visit Bali. Balinese people are special because of their hospitable attitude, wide smiles, and accommodating spirit. Balinese people are not only kind people who will gladly provide you with assistance whenever needed, but they are also welcoming people that allow you to live with them and to embrace their lifestyle if you wish. Certain cultural villages in Karangasem even have some tourism programs in which tourists can live together with the locals to observe their lifestyle and to participate in any festivities that they organize.

Understanding Balinese people will also help you know how to interact with them and to avoid offending them. As mentioned above, there are some acts that are considered culturally or spiritually inappropriate and certain prohibitions can be so strict that Balinese people may become harsh when they see someone committing a certain offense. Your ability or failure to understand Balinese people will make your trip to Bali either interesting or unexciting.


Balinese People

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Balinese Cuisines


Balinese cuisines also contribute to the shaping of Bali’s uniqueness. When you visit Bali and you fail to try its varieties of foods, you will have a lackluster trip. There are some common foods that you can find in all parts of Bali, but there are also more specific foods that you can only find at specific places. Be familiar with those foods and you will find your trip to Bali a truly exciting one.

One of the more common foods that you can find all parts of Bali is a roasted suckling pig with its delicious taste due to the rich seasonings and long time used to marinate the pig. Wherever you go n Bali, you will mostly have a chance to try this local delicacy.

Panggang Ucok Bali

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There are also certain cuisines that are native to specific areas in Bali. If you go to Buleleng in the north, you will have a chance to try some foods that will surely become vegans’ favorites, such as Blayag Buleleng, a vegetable salad that is marinated with a special Balinese soup, and Jukut Undis or black beans. Of course, there are also meat-based foods that you can try in this area, such as a pork-based cuisine called Syobak and Sate Plecing, roasted skewered pork. If you visit Karangasem in the east, you can try Plecing Telengis, another type of marinated salad, and Nasi Sela, a special cuisine with rice as its primary ingredients.

Blayag Buleleng

Other places in Bali have their own specific cuisines that will tickle your palate. If you join Sandholiday Tour, you can visit all the places in Bali that are known for their famous foods and beverages. Generally speaking, if you are looking for healthy foods, foods for vegans, and gluten-free foods, Bali will become the best paradise to satisfy your appetite.


Bali’s Artworks


An artistic life has become an integral part of Balinese lifestyle since the ancient era. Artistic works can be easily observed at Balinese temples, tourist destinations, Balinese houses, and even decorations that you often see on both sides of the road. Bali is occupied by skillful artisans and in fact, many Indonesian artists were born and/or studied art in Bali.

Art masterpieces, from small souvenirs that you can buy at Seminyak and other art markets to the gigantic Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, which is the fourth highest statue on earth, can easily be found on this island. Also you can find best indonesian food in seminyak! If you want to experience this paradise in its fullness, try to observe all artworks that you can find on this island, to admire them, or to buy merchandise that will remind you about Bali for the rest of your life. Bali is the island of art and visiting Bali without observing the best works made by its artisans will make your trip less exciting. You may want to hire Sandholiday to escort you to all great places in Bali that are known for their awesome artworks.

Bali’s Attractions

In the end, after you get familiar with all factors that make Bali a unique destination, the most exciting way to have the best experience in Bali and to make the most of this paradise is by enjoying it just like you enjoy other tropical islands. In Bali, you can indeed enjoy everything that you can enjoy at other places on earth, such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling, visiting remarkable landmarks, and trying its villas. However, if you try to immerse yourself in all of those activities, you may be able to find some unique elements that make Bali special. You may be able to discover better waves at a certain surfing spot in Bali or you may find a unique service when you stay at one of its hotels.


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What are the Top Experiences in Bali?

1. Bali Landscape
2. Balinese Culture
3. Bali's Spirituality
4. Balinese People
5. Balinese Cuisines
6. Bali's Artworks
7. Bali's Attractions

What are some festivals that show a spirituality?

1. Ngaben or cremation ceremony
2. Galungan festival
3. Nyepi day celebration

How do you get the best experience in Bali?

By utilizing this paradise by enjoying it like you are enjoying other tropical islands