Bali is no doubt is the best place to spending your holiday. There are many things that you can explore and experience when you visit this island. What you can expect when you go to Bali? Here are 50 Unbelievable Things To Do in Bali

  1.    Go and chases to amazing waterfalls in Bali. For those who love nature exploration, there are at least 13 waterfalls in Bali that waiting for you to explore.
  2.    Watch traditional Balinese dance. Bali traditional dance is the most well-known tourist attraction in Bali. Traditional dance becomes an inevitable part from Bali ancient culture that preserved well till this day. Head to the Pura Uluwatu Temple and see the beautiful Kecak Dance in the amphitheater. Tari Kecak is performed by men over hundreds that circling into a coconut oil lamp. Otherwise, you can also go to Ubud and see traditional dance in Ubud palace.
  3.    Get island jumping from Bali. Well, Indonesia has more than 17.000 islands and become for a home lush jungle, volcanoes, arrays of diverse wildlife, and also some world-class diving sites. Therefore, when you in Indonesia hopping islands is a must. When you visit Bali, you can easily hop into several small islands near Bali. For example, you can visit Gili Island, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, Lombok, Sumba, Flores, and many others. You can explore these beautiful islands with many attractions waiting for you.
  4.    Get an iconic sunset panoramic view. Go to Tanah Lot temple, Uluwatu temple, or Besakih temple. These all have iconic postcard sunset that you want to picture with yourself.
  5.    Get wet with the watersport wild.
  6.    Get a yoga class. Bali is popular with its yoga class. There are some yoga studio offers an interesting program for tourist or you can choose resorts or hotel that has yoga class/studio.
  7.    Go to Menjangan Island and see deer wildlife. This island not only offer you wild deer watch but you also can enjoy some attraction such as snorkeling and diving.
  8.    Explore Seminyak hip. Seminyak is a popular spot in Bali that known with hits and glam. Spend your day in Seminyak and explore relaxing spas, beach bars with amazing live music seminyak or world-class fashion boutique.
  9.    Relax in North Bali hot springs. The sacred “Air Panas Banjar” hot springs have 3 open public pools and 1 private spring pool which gushing hot water from origin volcano.
  10.    Learn surfs like a pro. Bali beaches are known well with perfect waves to surf. There are many surfs schools in Bali that can help you to learn surfing better.
  11.    Bali massage and Spas.  Many Bali resorts offer massage and spas for their visitor. In several beaches, there are some people that offer Bali massage too.
  12.    Hike to Mount Batur. Climb to an active volcano in Bali with not too hard climbing level and enjoy beautiful sunrise at the top peak of Bali.
  13.    Get selfies with sacred monkeys. The monkey forest in Ubud is one tourist tour that takes you to the nature reserve on Ubud.
  14.    Explore Tegalalang rice terrace Ubud.
  15.    Visit the holy sacred temple. There are many Hinduism sacred temples in Bali that iconic and postcard pictured such as Besakih, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, and Ubud Royal Palace.
  16.    Shopping paradise. Bali is a paradise for shoppers. It has unique and antique items such as paintings, homewares, crafts, and many more.
  17.    Watching dolphin in Lovina beach. lovina beach is popular with its Dolphin watching attraction.
  18.    Visit Botanical Garden. Get close to nature and see the beautiful bamboo tree in Botanical garden with lush greenery of jungle.
  19.    Browse local goods in the local morning market. If you stay in resorts and close to traditional market, perhaps you want to go to local market and buy groceries or stuffs.
  20.    Drink youth water fountain in Goa Gajah. Goa Gajah is gorgeous place with fascinating ruins of temple with little waterfall and nice green terrain.
  21.    Explore the Legian alley. Legian streets are a place where you can entertain yourself with shopping, visiting bars and eat in restaurants and get the artsy or hippy entertaining attraction.
  22.    Visit Kuta art market. Kuta art market is located in Kuta beach sides. The shops mostly sell same goods, so you can compare the prices from different shops. You can find souvenirs, accessories, and pretty Bali dress.
  23.    Get tattooed in Bali. Bali tattoo artist famous with its arts. Many tourist get new tattoo with unique Bali identity for their tattoo.
  24.    ARMA or Agung Rai Museum Art. This is the most impressive museum art in Bali which boast the collections from sorts of Indonesian classical works such as affandi, le maurier, and Lempad.
  25.    Wood carving.  Follow workshop in ARMA and you can take your workshop lesson while practice it.
  26.    Visit Krisna. Krisna is the Bali all-in one shopping stop for your Bali souvenirs. The only things need to consider when you visit this place; the price is unable to bargain.
  27.    Explore sacred canyon in Sukawati. For photographer lover, this nature masterpiece should visit and capture the image.
  28.    Swing beyond Lake at Puncak Danau Buyan Wanagiri.  The best place to get instagrammable photo to shot in bird nest swing.
  29.    Get world safari adventure in Mara River Safari Lodge. Spend night in this safari lodge and wake up with the crowded of nature sound such as lions roar in the morning will makes your holidays more memorable.
  30.    Camping in Sandat Glamping Tents. The luxury camping concept that makes you close to nature more.
  31.    Get antique item in Sukawati art market. Sukawati art market is famous art market that becomes central landmark for tourist destination. The price is ranging and able to bargain.
  32.    Romantic dinner at caves on a private beach. Book Samabe Resorts and Villas that offer this service.
  33.    Play with lions, elephants and other animals in Bali safari park.
  34.    Clean yourself in Tirta Empul. Get renewed, refreshed and purified with holy spring water in Pura  Tirta Empul.
  35.    Taste Bali coffees civet. For coffee lovers, visit coffee farm and enjoy the delicious coffee Luwak from several coffee agro tourism in Bali.
  36.    Bike around the rice fields. When you go to Ubud, there are some tour companies offer bike trips to explore around this island. The trip include bike trip downhill to top of mountain, visit coffee farm, and explore traditional Bali village.
  37.    Visit Bali Butterfly Park. Bali Butterfly Park gives you opportunity to see butterfly from many types and nursery where new butterflies hatched daily.
  38.    Explore to the underground labyrinth in Gala-gala cave. This is underground house that contain with sacred meditation room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen.
  39.    Get royal experience in Ubud palace. Ubud Palace is one of the most prominent places in Ubud that establish in 1800 and still preserved well.
  40.    Explore cave under Uluwatu beach. Uluwatu cave beach is other instagrammable and mystical place in Bali. This wills great to rest while you explore Uluwatu beach.
  41.    Release Turtle in Kuta beach. Check to schedule and specific timing for turtles releasing if you want to experience turtle release.
  42.    Join Balinese cooking class. Take this class and find the secret from original Bali recipes.
  43.    Enjoy the Food Street and local food.
  44.    Step down into Tukad Cepung Waterfall. The hidden and virgin waterfalls that waiting to explore as you need to climb up and prepare your gear to explore this majestic waterfall.
  45. Marigold fields in Temukus Village. This is another pretty village to explore with the lush of yellow-orange flowers fields. Margold is flowers that locally used for religious rituals in Bali.
  46. Nusa Islands the Maldives of Bali.  The beach vibes with offshore islands that connect with other beautiful spots to explore.
  47. Secret garden, Sambangan village The hidden jungles and waterfalls that contain with 7 waterfalls.
  48. Bali water boom. A perfect place for family holiday pleasure.
  49. Visit abandoned plane in the keramas aeropark.
  50. Visit Slippery Stone park

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