Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands and hundreds of different tribes, which also mean there are a bunch of languages found in this archipelago country. We can say that Indonesia is one of the most fascinating yet diverse countries on earth. It seems like anything you want to know and see when you are on a trip or holiday can be found here as well. However, considering the size of Indonesia is definitely much wider than the entire United States of America, it might be a bit difficult to decide where to go when you are on a backpacker trip.

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In this article, we just want to give you a tour guide before you hit this cultural country. Other than that, there are countries that do not need a visa to get into this place. In case you want to go backpacking, you also need to know the foods, especially the local ones. And if you are not so sure about what you are going to face, all you need to do is call Sandholiday.

The Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Averagely, the daily temperature of this country is 28 degree Celsius, while the humidity would be around 70 and 90 percent. The tropical climate of Indonesia that always goes the same from year to year would be very appealing for those who want to get rid of the cloudy London or icy winters in Canada. As long as you get to the country at the right time, the islands of this country would be paradises for anyone. Be aware of heavy rainfall and intense humidity at certain times. In certain regions, you may also feel no wind at all. Just be prepared.

Seasons in Indonesia

Basically, there two main seasons in Indonesia: the dry season and wet season. Commonly, the wet season occurs from September to March. The rest would be the dry season. However, some regions could have a different starting point of a season sometime. Global warming and climate changes are definitely something in the whole world today.

Even though there is no such a bad time to visit this country, you would better go to Indonesia in May, June, or September. Those months are when the season is not crowded, busy, and peak. Other than that, if you are a spontaneous traveler then the sunny and hot months would be very suitable. Still, do not forget to bring around your water bottle considering the dry season could tire you to bits.

When the wet season starts, the choppy waters, intense tropical rain, and also flooding. This could be a not ideal time to start your backpacker tour especially if you intend to explore remote areas, hike mountains, or dive. Other than that, the wet season would make crappy transportation if you take a boat to mobile from one island to another. In fact, it could be very dangerous. However, if you are caught by the wet season then it is wise to always prepare rain poncho and umbrellas. Of course, you can purchase it at the nearby store.

National holidays

There are many national holidays in this country so may check the local calendar before you head to Indonesia. During the national holidays, the prices of everything, especially the airfare, could be pretty high. Eid al-Fitr is also one of the religious holidays and it also contributes to costly airfare. The transportation could be hard to find and accommodations seem impossible to get. Traffic is considerably heavy everywhere and the business hours are commonly being closed for at least two days.

Do I need a visa?

There are at least 100 countries eligible for a free visa on arrival for 30 days. The visa will be automatically granted once you have arrived in the country and repeatable. It means that you can fly out to a nearby country on a cheap flight before your free visa is expired and then fly back to Indonesia for a new free visa.

However, if you do not want to bother leaving the country after 30 days, you can purchase an on-arrival visa for USD 35 so you can extend your stay for 30 days after your free visa is expired. The paperwork is really tiring and you do not want to deal with the immigration then you can ask your agent. Sandholiday may help you with that if you ask for it. Of course, there will be an additional fee you should pay for that.

The extension process would take about 10 working days. Make sure you have enough time for that. If you overstay then you need to pay a penalty which costs around USD 21 per person per day. The price may increase without further notification.

Traveling around Indonesia

Considering backpacker tour is something very spontaneous, some of you might want to explore each island in this country. There are various transportation options you can take such as boats, trains, planes, and buses, or you may just want to hop on a two-wheeler. Using a motorbike makes your mobility becomes simpler and you can even reach a remote area by riding a motorbike or just a bike. The most fun part of traveling is getting to know the culture and its traditions. Still, you need to prepare for delayed transportation, heavy traffic, and safety standards that might be below the average.

Intercity buses

It is not fancy yet luxury car but you can jump from one city to another. Of course, there are two classes you can choose and each of them has a different price that determines facilities you will get. It is important to pay attention and read the whole things before you book for tickets.

The economic class is definitely cheaper but it may stop in many places and there might be people smoke in the bust. Some of them are equipped with air-con but the rest are not. The executive class costs more expensive but anything is much different from the economic ones. All you need to do is pay attention to any information so you can sit comfortably during your trip.


Since Indonesia consists of thousands of islands, you may also want to explore each island. At this time, you will need to take a ferry to commute from one island to another. Pelni boats are the best and reliable option in the country. They have a website and you can find important information such as the routes and pricing information. You need to purchase the ticket in advance by heading directly to the Pelni office.

Ferries are also cool but if you are not used to the wave then it could be pretty nauseating. So, it is very wise to bring your anti-motion pills. Also, you better sit near the open-air area of the boat so it would be less nauseating.

At some areas, your only option could be just a smaller boat with no reputation. The most important thing is that the boat has good safety standards. Also, do not forget to ask about the weather so you always go safety first.


As we have mentioned earlier, ferries could be your great option to hop from one island to another. However, if you need something faster and less nauseating travel experience then taking flights would be another better option. There are various flight companies that provide domestic flights. You can get the best deal by making a book from a third-party app.

Garuda Indonesia airline is the most expensive option but they provide a very nice flying experience, considering the good reputation they have. There are also smaller airlines with cheaper prices. Make sure that your baggage is not more than the allowance weight after all.


Ojek is a motorcycle taxi. This is like the best transportation option when you need to reach places in such a short time as long as it is located in the same city. Some roads in Indonesia are pretty hectic and heavy in traffic. The driver will take you to the destinations in a short time because they know the best local best route better than anyone else.

There are also options for online motorcycle taxi. You can download the app and arrange your destination from your phone. This option is also much cheaper than if you take the traditional motorcycle taxi. Anything you want to do in Indonesia, it is better if you bring cash anywhere you go. Also, you need to exchange your cash to the local currency in the first place because most people and businesses in this country only accept cash payment.


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