Bali will never fail to impress you when it comes to its beaches collections. It is also one of many reasons why tourists keep coming back to this island over and over even some of them have decided to spend the rest of their life on this island. Here in this article, we will show you a list of Best Beaches in Bali as well as the things you can do at the beach.


#1 Best beach for partying – Seminyak Beach 

Seminyak Beach is located in the oceanfront heart of Bali. The beach is spread along 5km with its pretty white sand. You will find a lot of bars, beach clubs, five-star hotels, fancy restaurants with various menu options, and many more without staying away from the oceanic view. Learning to surf in this beach is a great idea or it will also be a good time to enjoy the sun on a beanbag.


#2 Best beach for family day outs – Nusa Dua Beach 

Bali always teases the tourists with the stunning white sands anywhere you go to the beaches. Nusa Dua Beach is just another beach in Bali that will spoil you with the white sands. The waters are calm and clean. Do you want to go shopping in Bali? There is a complex of a shopping center where you can purchase anything you want. Also, the hotels and restaurants are insanely family-friendly.


#3 Best beach for seeing and to be seen – Echo Beach 

If you are a surfer who wants something more interesting to see or simply wanted to be seen the Echo Beach is a good one for you. There are several surfing spots and bars with a shabby-chic theme along the beach. The sand is black and the community is very lively.


#4 Best seafood and sunsets – Jimbaran Bay 

It will give you a super-romantic experience spending your dinner in Jimbaran Bay while witnessing the sunset goes down. The seafood sold along the beach line is fresh and will never let you down. Sometimes you will also find several barbecue spots along the coastline.


#5 Best for surfing and sunbathing – Balangan Beach 

The beach is located in the south part of Bali and very popular due to the surf crowds. You can snorkel or dive around the beach to enjoy the aquamarine. If you are too lazy to do something then you may just want to lie under the umbrellas enjoying the sun and sandy beach. So far, this beach is still under-developed, which is a good thing because everything there is so pure.


#6 Best for pool day outs and front-row surf seats – Keramas Beach 

When you are at Keramas Beach, you will be able to view the Mount Agung behind the waves. There are several pools at the beach where you can also watch people surf directly. This place would be even amazing when you visit during the World Surf League competition.


#7 Best for exclusivity – Sundays Beach Club 

The south part of Bali seems always giving the tourists what they want. Sundays Beach Club is located at the Ungasan Clifftop Resort, which is a private beach with white sands along the coastline. The turquoise blue water will show you the coral reef down there. You can only reach the hidden paradise spot by using the inclinator that will take you directly to the beach club. How exclusive.


#8 Best for bay watching – Padang Padang Beach 

This beach is kind of a good spot to enjoy the surf crowds. Other than that, the wave is pretty calm and you can even swim in the shallow area. The beach is basically quite small but you can always get the natural glory of the beach for sure. If you want to see the best view, you can come in the morning before the sunrise.


#9 Best for spotting Nemo – Blue Lagoon 

The beach is very calm and you will also see white sands along with palm trees as its backdrop. The bay is framed by the lush knolls and rocky hills. Other than that, this beach will provide you many diving and snorkeling spots so you can spot Nemo and his friends down there. Blue Lagoon is also located near the harbor where you will take the boat to other islands.


#10 Best for surf and sunsets – Medewi Beach 

Medewi Beach is located in the west part of Bali and has lower popularity compared to other beaches in the south part of Bali. The beach is framed by the remote village and open ride paddies everywhere your eyes see. The waves are the world class and this will be a fun place for you who look for quietness and tranquility.


#11 Best for secret swims – Suluban Beach 

The beach is very dreamy yet hidden. You can reach this beach after walking through hundreds of stone stairs. Located under the dramatic cliffs, the water is crystal clear in turquoise but you cannot swim when the water is tide and high.


#12 Best for sunrise and cycling – Sanur Beach 

Sanur Beach is very family-friendly and you can witness the stunning sunrise in the morning. Fancy restaurants and resorts are something you will find in this area. And it will be an excellent spot for you who look for something calmer than Kuta.


#13 Best for beach-chic enthusiasts – Karma Beach 

Karma Beach is a private beach club under the name of Karma Kandara resort. Besides its luxurious vibe, this place is very suitable for you who love exclusivity. The water is blue like the azure. This beach is definitely describing heaven on earth.


#14 Best for road trippers – Pasir Putih Beach 

Pasir Putih Beach is also referred to as Virgin Beach. This beach is suitable for the adventurous road trippers. The beach is located on the east coast of Bali, which took almost 3 hours of riding a motorcycle from Denpasar. The crystal clear water and white sands contrast the black volcano sand.


#15 Best for epic surf and bohemian vibe – Bingin Beach 

In order to reach this beach, you will need to follow the signs made of recycled wood. Other than that, you will see several people with their surfing boards in their hand. The waves are perfect and you will also see the small sandy coves. There are several healthy cafes around the beach.


#16 Best for postcard pictures – Gunung Payung 

Some people also call this beach Secret Beach, considering the beach is quite hidden like a secret. The sands are powdery white and the waters are interestingly warm just like tropical climate. However, you need to take more than 300 steps track to get down and get back up there. But the scenery and vibes are worth the step.


#17 Best for surfing – Balian Beach 

If you are looking for a home of surf fanatics and expats then Balian Beach is the right place to come around. The knolls and dunes are so Instagram-friendly and you may also find several cafes and bars with bohemian vibes. The plus value is that you can witness the stunning sunset.


#18 Best for beach walks – Thomas Beach 

Thomas Beach is no longer a secret since some restaurants show up in Uluwatu. Still, you can get the tranquil beach experience in this spot. You will not find any restaurant down the beach unless you are willing to climb up hundreds of stairs just to get food. It is important to bring water and snacks.


#19 Best for diving – Amed Beach 

Amed is not the typical beachfront like other beaches in the south part of Bali. But you will be spoiled with its awe-inspiring landscape. If you love to dive then you can go to the sunken US Liberty shipwreck, one of the most popular diving spots of this beach.


#20 Best for day trippers – Nusa Lembongan 

If you have visited all the beaches in Bali then you can head to Nusa Lembongan. It takes 30 minutes of riding a fast boat from Sanur. Nusa Lembongan has stunning beaches and very tranquil.


#21 Best for island adventures – Nusa Penida 

The emerald green cliff is the most iconic scene from Nusa Penida especially when you also see the clear sky and turquoise water under the cliff. The spot is very famous especially for Instagram and you will instantly become a hit after taking a picture in this spot. If you are up for adventure then you need to hit this island. Sandholiday will arrange the itinerary for you.


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21 Best Beaches in Bali: Where to Swim, Surf, Soak up the Sun, and Live the Island Dream


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