Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Earth. Compared to other nearby destinations like Australia and New Zealand, Bali offered cheap prices for a luxury life during your vacation. Some expenses might compare to the prices in Australia such as western foods and cocktails. Still, you can save a huge amount of money for transports and other accommodation aspects. 

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You can even adjust the package with your budget. Other than that, you do not need to worry about the transportation or lost in strange places of Bali by using the service of Sandholiday tour and travel. The best part is that you can choose the vehicle during your vacation on the island. So, just give Sandholiday a call and get the best vacation during your trip to Bali! 

In this article, we are going to break down the budget you will need when you are spending your holiday in Bali. In generally speaking, if you are on a low-budget trip then you may spend USD 19 or around IDR 200,000 per person, per day if you are willing to take public transport and eat at local stalls. USD 50 or IDR 550,000 per person, per day if you rent a car or hire a private transport service as well as taking dine-in restaurants. For a luxury experience, you may need at least USD 100 per day. 

The best way to take money to Bali 

Accessing money in Bali is not difficult, considering there are many ATMs on the island and almost all entertainment spots in Bali have an ATM center. However, we highly recommend you to exchange your money into the local currency before you fly to the island or at the airport. ATM scams in Bali are terribly common. 

Major hotels and fancy restaurants accept travel money cards and credit card. However, many guesthouses, smaller hotels, hostels, and local stalls may ask for cash only. This is why you need to bring enough cash everywhere you go. Still, exchanging the money is much safer in the airport or before you leave your country. 

Airfare Cost 

Your biggest cost might be on the airfare especially if you go from North America. In order to lower the airfare cost, you better not travel to Bali during the holidays like Christmas and Easter. Also, the high season is between July and August so you better re-check your vacation plan. 

Traveling from the United State and Canada to Bali could be pretty far and you may not be able to find direct flights from both counties. If you can be flexible, then you can fly to Hong Kong, Singapore, or Bangkok in the first place and then take an affordable flight to Bali. By that, you may be able to save hundreds of dollar. 


Bali has anything you want when it comes to accommodations. There are various world-class luxury resorts with jungle views and infinity pools as well as a bunk bed in a shared dorm room. By spending USD 100, you may be able to stay in a luxury hotel and dine-in restaurant for one day. More than anything, it is important to apply for a credit card without exchange fees before you leave your country. 


If you want to get the cheapest accommodation then you would be good with the hostel. The lowest cost might be offered by the shared dorm rooms but there are also several places with nice private rooms. The price range is between USD 8 and USD 20 per night. 


Staying in Balinese homestays is similar to staying in a bed and breakfast. You will stay in the property of a local family and you will have your private room with breakfast. Even though it might be pretty basic, it usually is homey, comfy, and clean. You will spend around USD 35 per night. 

Midrange and luxury hotels 

There are various mid range hotels that offer a comfy place and nice private rooms. They have good amenities and are located in great areas. It is not difficult to find a room under USD 100 per night in Bali. However, if you prefer something luxury then you may need to spend at least USD 100 per night. There are plenty of villas and resorts with anything you need from a wonderful vacation.  

Local transportation 

In order to get around the town, you may need to use local transportation. Other than that, local transportation is much cheaper than anything else. Still, you do not need to worry about what to ride or where to rent if you rely on Sandholiday for your Bali vacation. 

If you love adventure and want to get around Bali easily then you can rent a motorbike. Motorbikes are also cheaper compared to renting a private car. However, you need to have adequate experience in riding motorbikes because it could be quite dangerous. For one week, you need to spend around USD 30 to rent a motorbike. Other than that, local police may pull you over to check your license. 

Taxis are also common but those are only available in the center areas like Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, and Denpasar but make sure that the driver has turned on the meter before you go. The best choice is the Blue Bird taxis or you may use online taxis instead.  

Food and drink 

When it comes to the price of foods and drinks, the prices are varied just like accommodation. The cost you will pay depends on what you are going to eat. Local foods cost around USD 2 per meal but if you want some western-style foods then you may spend three times greater than that number, also don’t forget to check out the best breakfast canggu. If you get free breakfast from your accommodation, eat at local stalls, and have a dine-in in the restaurant then you may spend USD 25 per day for the meals. 

However, if you plan to drink some alcoholic beverage then you may expect to pay more than that. Local beers are dramatically cheaper than cocktails or wine. If you are a cocktail person then you may keep your eye on “2 for 1” promo. 


As we all have known, Bali is home for various attractions. Besides, you may find much performance and shows the local tribe or historical romance across the island. Other than that, there are plenty of beaches ready to explore. 

Many beaches are free to explore and you may only need to pay for the parking which costs less than USD 1. However, some of them may require you to pay for the entrance fee as minimal as USD 1.10. Almost all temples will charge you for the entrance fee but it is worth what you will see inside. Or you can just chill on the free beaches and buy some snacks and drinks while sunbathing on their lounge chair. 

If you use a taxi and you like the driver then you can offer him to a discounted price rate by offering multiple day trips. This business is favorable for the driver. Other than that, you may get a better deal in the end. 

If you want to try diving, surfing, snorkeling, and other adventure activities then you may expect to pay more as well. Since Bali is one of the best places to dive, you should take several dives. Averagely, it costs USD 120 per day for scuba diving along with equipment rentals, transportation, and lunch. 

Random spending 

Some people want to purchase something during their holiday especially if they will not find similar items in their country. Even though Bali is not a shopping paradise, there are several souvenirs that caught your heart. Batik, sarongs, coffees, teas, and other local things are the most popular kinds of souvenir. The quality might be varied but most of them are not expensive unless you purchase dozens of Luwak coffee. 

Other than that, the spa in Bali is amazing. This is something you must try while you are on the island. Other than that, the massage and spa service is not particularly expensive as well. If you have a plan to shop around and go to massage then you may bring an extra USD 100 in your pocket. Just keep in mind that local shops accept cash payment only. 


So, How Much Money Do you Need for Bali? It obviously depends on anything you do on the island. Averagely, you will spend around USD 1,800, including the airfare cost, nice accommodations, foods, transports, attractions, and many more. If you are going on a trip for two then you need to double all expenses except for the accommodation expenses. For a better experience without hassle, Sandholiday is the best choice for your Bali vacation. You do not need to worry about transportation and you can visit places you have in mind. 

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