Talking about the best activities in Bali, it seems like there might not be an ending on the list. Bali is definitely the home for all fun things you would get in the world. For example, you can wander around the jungle and take a selfie with monkeys, watching the birds and elephants, enjoy the sunbath in the open beach, have a wonderful surfing or fun snorkeling, get a wasted nightlife, have fantastic meals in its restaurant and local stalls, and simply shopping around the city. As we have mentioned earlier, Bali is the home for all the fun things you have in mind. 

Bali, along with the coasts, also features treasures that need to be discovered. And if you are into banging the waves then surfing is something you need to do. Also, do you know that an enjoyable trip in Bali would not need to break your bank account? Having fun in Bali is very exciting for sure. Other than that, you will get a bunch of pictures by staying on the island for let’s say a week.

Are you interested to become part of this tour? Well, you can trust Sandholiday for your trip to Bali. Other than that, you can request where you want to go and visit so the Sandholiday will arrange the itineraries for you. This tour and travel company has been around for years now. The main concern of Sandholiday is to provide the best experience for their customers. Besides, you can choose the vehicles as you like. Before you make a list of places you want to visit in Bali, here we have 11 best activites in bali. 

#1 Surfing 

Tourism in Bali is started with sports activities. Water activities are one of the best things you must do on this island. Other than that, Bali offers a series of great surfing spots and most of them can be found in the Bukit Peninsula and southern coasts.

Those spots have been drawing the attention of those who look for the sun, sea, and wonderful long rides through the clear tubes. Lagoons, reef breaks, and other interesting conditions will make wonderful waves for both newbies and veteran surfers. There are many beaches in Bali and some of them are great for the pro surfers. If you are newbies and need guides from the pros then several beaches also provide that kind of service to all newbies who want to touch the waves.

#2 Day Cruises 

Do you want to feel the breeze of the ocean? Well, you can join the day cruise and hop to other neighboring islands of Bali. There are several providers that offer both full-day and half-day cruises to the visitors.

Catamarans and sailing boats will take you on a fun yet interesting cruise around the Nusa Lembongan Island waters. Other than that, you can also enjoy a fun day cruise to a hidden paradise in Nusa Penida. If you would like to enjoy a couple or honeymoon trip then you can get into a romantic sunset cruise. This package will include a romantic dinner on the boat while you are sailing around the waters of Tanjung Benoa. 

#3 Kitesurfing 

Kite surfing is only available in a few beaches of Bali. Some people also refer this activity to as kite-boarding. This activity is one of the extreme water sports on the island. However, people love to do this activity because it gives a wonderful experience to those who have ever tried to do that before.

If you want to get into this extreme activity, you may consider the time when you will visit Bali. The weather will be great for kitesurfing from May to October. Those months are the dry season and wind speed supports this activity without pounding your hearts more than it should be. 

#4 White Water Rafting 

The most popular spots for white water rafting are the Ayung River and Telaga Waja. If you go and visit the west side of Ayung then you will see an amazing view and challenging course for rafting. Other than rafting, you will also get to see the pretty panorama and stunning nature area with the highlight of wild animals along the river.

Long story short, you will get the extreme sports by rafting as well as being a witness of some interesting creatures such as magpie, black monkey, big bats, and many more. If you want to get more challenging rafting, you can go to the Telaga Waja. The route of rafting starts right at Mount Agung’s foothills.

#5 Waterbom Bali 

If you are visiting Bali with families and kids, you might bring them to a water park. Bali has several fun water parks but if the adults also want to have fun then you have to bring them to the Waterbom that is located in Tuban. This water park is a premier water park on the island. There are at least 17 fun rides, water games, and slides that will be suitable for any age range. Located on over 3.8 hectares, this water park is also equipped with a set of leisure facilities. If you are bored with the water then you can get lost in its tropical garden.

#6 Sea Walks 

If you want to go diving then you need to have a license. The good news is that now you can take the sea walks trip without having a license of diving. This is an opportunity for a non-diver to get underwater. Also, the marine life is worth to explore in many ways. In order to get underwater and explore marine life, you will need to wear a suit and special helmet so you will get the oxygen just like your body normally gets. While you are on this trip, you need to take off your contact lenses. You are allowed to wear glasses for sure. You can join this trip by visiting Tanjung Benoa and Sanur.

#7 ATV Rides 

ATV rides might be offered everywhere but you will not get the same experience as you will get in Bali Quad Discovery Tours, not even close. You will be riding an ATV with a guide if needed. Later, you can discover the rural villages and heartland of Bali on an off-road tour by riding four wheelers. You can simply go to Denpasar to join this off-road trip.

#8 Paintball Games 

This activity might be the favorite of you who love physical activities. Other than that, you cannot skip this activity if you are on a group tour to Bali. The games will take place in natural vistas and majestic temples. There are several providers of paintball games and you can ask your tour and travel to get you one. By having Sandholiday tour and travel, all you need to do is ask. The company will take care of the itineraries and anything for you. 

#9 Cycling

Bali is the home of nature. There are various spots you can visit just to witness how beautiful this universe is. And if you love to take a closer look at those things then you may want to try cycling around the island. 

The island is big for sure. But you can take one side of the island and explore the whole part of it with your bicycle. Exploring the rural areas and countryside will open your eyes and give the best experience to your body. If you need something more challenging than you can swing your pedals to the downhill through the volcanic mountain. Greeting local farmers, get around the ancient temples, and wander around the plantations would be something you need during your holiday. 

#10 Canyon Tubing 

Again, this activity may only available in certain areas and one of them is Siap River, located on the north side of Ubud. Some people want to get the adrenaline pumped by doing waterslide. Bali brings the waterslide on a different level since you will do the waterslide in real nature. All you need to do is prepare for this amazing activity.

Canyon tubing is available in Siap River and the tour will take you to some hidden canyons located in Kerta Village. Here you can enjoy the stunning views while drifting along for about 40 kilometers. You will ride a single inflatable tube and go down the stream on your own with an expert guide follow you right behind.

#11 Bali Waterfalls 

If you need something peaceful and breathtaking then you may want to consider going to Bali waterfalls. Since there are several of them, you can choose ones that take easy treks made by nature or the one hidden inside a lush forest. This destination is suitable for an adventurous soul but needs something peaceful.

After an exciting journey to reach the destination, you will be rewarded with breathtaking scenery of waterfall and not many people have explored the spot. Feel the breeze of forest and hear the sound of nature while you are in the Bali waterfalls. You can even go swimming in the natural pools.


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