Bali Trip Guide – Bali is one of the best places that you can visit in Indonesia, but the absurd amount of places that one can visit can sometimes be too much for new travellers. It is pretty common for new travellers to be at lost about the places they want to visit, especially when the place that they are visiting is dotted with many wonderful spots.

What we want to offer you today is a bit of insight about the places to visit when you are a first timer in Bali. You might have heard the beauty of Bali from someone else who has visited the island and you might be curious about what you can see and do in there. As we have told you, Bali is a good place to visit in Indonesia because of its many beautiful spots. And we have also told you that it can be pretty jarring to choose the best places to visit in Bali.

Such is the reason why we want to tell you about the Balinese spots that you CANNOT skip when you are first travelling to the island. These spots are known not only for their beauty alone, but also for the abundance of stories to tell and challenges to conquer. Without further ado, let’s begin Bali Trip Guide with the first historical place that we want to tell you: the Uluwatu Temple.

Bali Trip Guide

First timers NEED to give Uluwatu Temple a visit

Temples dot the landscape of Bali, and you would not be found wanting when it comes to Hindu temples if you visit the island. Although you can find a lot of temples here, none beats the beauty of Uluwatu Temple, undeniably a temple that is more or less the most beautiful temple in Bali.

Aside from being a temple that is teeming with history and beautiful sights, Uluwatu Temple has one of the best sunset views in the whole Bali. In fact, a lot of travellers come to Uluwatu Temple just to see the sunset. The sunset is its biggest selling point, with folks coming in drove just to witness the sunset by the tall cliff.

Because the sunset makes it popular, Uluwatu Temple can be a bit crowded when it comes the time for the sun to set. If you want to see the sunset, you need to time your visit so that you would not miss it. You do not have to be very punctual because the sunset itself will last for several minutes, but it would always be better if you arrive on the scene half an hour before the event.

But sunsets alone are not the only thing that makes this temple worth a visit. Moments after the sunset, you can enjoy a traditional dance called the Kecak Dance, which is performed by the dancers to tell you an artistic rendition of Ramayana. The dance, aside from being very entertaining, is also rich in culture and is a great thing to watch if you are a big fan of Hindu mythology. If not, the thrill of watching people dance by the fire might be enough to get your attention.

You also get to see monkeys around here, but the little things are known pickpockets, able to pick your pockets without you noticing it. If you got food with you, prepare yourself to earn a lot of furry fans because the monkeys will crowd around you and your food.

There are also a lot of scammers here, charging tourists an exorbitant rate for things that should not be priced too high. If you want to avoid scammers, one of the best things that you can do is to book yourself a travel package that includes a visit to Uluwatu Temple.

Padang-Padang beach is a great spot for surfers

If you are not a fan of watching people dance or if you are not in the mood to learn about Hindu mythology, then you probably should not visit Uluwatu Temple. If you go to Bali because you heard your friend’s tales on its beaches, then you should definitely visit Padang-Padang beach.

Bali is an island ripe with beautiful beaches to swim, walk, or surf on. Padang-Padang beach is just one of them, but we recommend this to you because it is less crowded than Kuta. Because it is less crowded, you will see fewer vendors selling low-quality items to you. You will also see fewer scammers around here, which is a direct opposite of Kuta because Kuta got a lot of scammers you can probably nickname the beach the ‘scam beach’.

Rants aside, Padang Padang beach is located not too far from Kuta. It will only take you about 45 minutes of drive to get there, but those 45 minutes will save you from scammers and other shady people alike. Not only you have to ride for 45 minutes from Kuta, you also need to go downstairs and crevices to actually get to the beach itself. Might be a long trip, but if you are a sucker for a secluded beach which is a bit isolationist in nature, then the trip itself would be like nothing. After all, stairs and crevices make for a good warm-up before the water, right?

Ubud also makes for a good place to visit because of one thing: its food

Many travel itineraries will tell you to visit Ubud because of its beauty. Our travel guide pretty much recommends you to visit Ubud not to absorb the sights alone, but to also enjoy one of the best dishes in Bali: bebek betutu (if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you can skip this section).

Bebek betutu is a traditional dish made out of duck (seeing that bebek is duck in Indonesian). It is a popular dish in Ubud, often nicknamed the ‘dirty duck’ because of its dirty appearance. It is basically a fried duck, but before the duck is fried, it is treated to a hot bath in an aromatic broth made out of herbs and it will then be given the spice rub treatment before finally going into the hot oil. When the duck is done, you will be eating it with veggies, rice, and a side of sambal matah (a unique sambal that is both spicy and refreshing).

Ubud is also popular because of its rice terraces, so if you find the right restaurant, you can eat your portion of bebek betutu while at the same time being accompanied by the sight of beautiful rice terraces.

All of those places are cool and all, but how should you give those places a visit?

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What are the places where Bali trip guide with historical places?

1. Uluwatu Temple
2. Padang Padang Beach
3. Ubud

How do you go to that place?

If you are alone or with a small family, you can rent a car in many car rental places in Bali. If in groups of 16 - 31, it is better to rent a medium-sized bus or minibus

How long does it take to reach Padang Padang beach from Kuta Beach?

You only need 45 minutes drive to get there, but 45 minutes will save you from scammers and other shady people. Not only do you have to ride for 45 minutes from Kuta, you also have to go down and open a gap to actually get to the beach itself.