Ubud Rice Fields, known also the Ubud rice terrace, is one of the exotic tourist areas in Tegalalang, Ubud, Bali that offers the beauty of Balinese village. Just like the name, the main object to see here is the outlay of green rice fields in terraces. There, you can also watch the activities of local farmers to work in their fields. The scenery offered in this area is indeed really beautiful and refreshing to see. Moreover, not only the rice fields but also there are many other trees and plants that make the atmosphere there more soothing. Of course, while being there, you can also walk down to see the field closer.

How to Get There

To enjoy the beauty and exotism of Ubud Rice Field located in Tegalalang, it is not something difficult to do. Sandholiday offers you a tourist package in Ubud area in which the rice field becomes one of the spots to be visited. In the morning, you are picked up using a car from this agency and directly going to some tourist objects based on the itinerary. Commonly, the rice field is visited in the afternoon while you can have lunch there. The location is not far from Denpasar, the capital of Bali. To get there, you only need to spend around 15-20 minutes.

Yes, around the rice field areas, they are stalls and cafes with delicious foods and beverages. Those stalls and cafes are built up facing the rice fields. Therefore, while enjoying the meals, you can also watch the outlay of the beautiful green field in front of you. You should not worry; there are various foods available whether you prefer local or international foods.

What to Do There

Ubud Rice Field Walk Tour offers you experiences you may never forget in the future. As has been mentioned above, it is indeed mainly about enjoying the scenery of the green rice fields. On the height, you can enjoy it in the stalls and restaurants available. But since you have been there, it seems not complete without seeing the field closer. So, you need to go down and walk on the path built between the fields.

Do you want to feel like an Indonesian farmer? You should not miss out this moment. It is helping the farmers to do their works. Yes, there are some areas in the Ubud rice field that is indeed intended for the tourists. You can just do the farming activities like planting the paddy, plowing the field, and soaking your feet in the mud pool. Although it is so much fun, you must be careful since in some areas, it is quite slippery. To go down to the field, you need to take off your shoes for sure.

There are more things to learn in the field area of Ubud. Despite learning about the traditional farming system of Bali or Indonesia, in general, it is necessary to acknowledge that Bali has its traditional watering system. The watering system is namely Subak. If you are coming to this area during the harvest time, you are so lucky anyway. Sure, you can just watch and even be involved in this applying this traditional system. Meanwhile, the process of turning the paddy into clean rice can also be seen in some houses around this area.

After you are satisfied in the field, you must clean your body and then continue your trip. But before that, it is not bad to visit the shops around to buy some souvenirs. The shops and souvenir stalls are built up in rows with a total length of more than 9 kilometers. There are various products of handicrafts with Bali characteristics. The products are commonly made from wood, bamboo, and iron. Many of them can be taken home including small toys in animal shapes like elephants, cats, dolphins, and more. Delicious Balinese snacks are available there too. Make sure to buy some of them.

The Best Time to Visit

Basically, the Ubud rice field area can be visited anytime throughout the year. However, there are times that are considered the best to go there. Bali itself basically has two seasons; they are the dry and wet season. During the wet season, the rain commonly falls down every day and it must stop you going down to the rice field area. Well, it is okay if your intention there only to see the field from the distance. Based on that fact, the best time to visit Ubud rice field is in the dry season. It is starting from April to September or October.

Meanwhile, if you want to get the best scenery of the rice field, the visitation should be conducted in the morning. It is possible also for you to spend a night there to watch sunrise or sunlight. Moreover, some viewing spot area is facing the east direction. So, the sunrise is so good to be seen there.

It is Free

Interestingly, to enjoy the beauty of the rice field, you even don’t need to spend money, particularly for the entrance. The money is only charged for the parking area. Meanwhile, you still need to prepare some extra money since there are many things you can buy. Sure, you must be tempted to buy foods, beverages, and souvenirs available in the shops around.

Hotels and Accommodations

Once you are ordering the tourism package in Sandholidays, it has included the costs for transportations and accommodations. There are some options available including spending the nights in hotels in the area of Ubud Rice Field. The hotels, inns, and homestays available are various in term of prices and facilities. It is not bad for sure to have a backpacking package to save your money more. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the first class accommodation, it is available also in this area.

There are some recommendations of hotels and guesthouses particularly if you want the cheap ones. Some of them are Wijaya Guesthouse, Sakha House, Pondok Bali, and Semanggi Cottage. The prices are various and it is started even from IDR 100,000. When it is converted into USD, it is around USD6-7.

The locations of those hotels are also not too far from the rice field area. They are only around 600 meters to a kilometer. So, to get there, there is no other transportation needed. You can just walk there while enjoying the scenery of the beautiful village in Ubud, Bali.

Other Attractions to Visit in Ubud

Not far from Tegalalang, the Ubud rice field walk, there are some other attractions that you should not miss out. One of them is Kintamani tourist object. Kintamani is mentioned first because of the location that is very close to Tegalalang. Even commonly, those two attractions are visited in sequence whether it is Kintamani or Tegalalang first.

Kintamani has some objects for the location that is near to the Batur volcano. Not far from the volcano, there is also a lake with the same name. Here, you can see the other side of Bali. Bali is indeed well-known for its tropical beaches. However, it shows you that the mount and lake on the island are also really stunning. In this area, you can also see some farming area with terraces which is similar to the Ubud rice field area. But since the area is not for tourism, you can only see it while passing by.

Do you still want to enjoy a natural tourist spot there? The next location is Tegenungan Waterfall. This waterfall may not as big as Niagara but the landscape around is very scenic. This spot is also considered strategic since it is quite closer to some other objects in Bali. Some of them are Sukawati art market and Bali Zoo. The height of the waterfall is around 16 meters but the water debit falling down is quite big. If the weather is good, you can swim and splash in the river.

If you love challenge, make sure you do this activity when in Ubud. There is a river namely Ayung River that is ideal for rafting. In general, the flow of the river is not to strong but the path is winding. That’s why; everybody can just do rafting in this river no matter how good you are in it. This place is recommended for the beginners and you should enjoy the unforgettable memories here.

Another attraction is the Monkey Forest Ubud. Undeniably, this is the most popular tourism icon in Ubud. The area is in the form of forest with some temples in it. But just like the name, the forest is full of monkeys. Well, the monkeys are sometimes really naughty and ignorant so that you must be really careful. Make sure to follow the instructions given to avoid them attacking you.


After the hectic schedules, you may need to refresh your mind in a while. Seeing a beautiful landscape in green can just be a good solution for this. Interestingly, there is a place in Ubud Bali that can grant this wish. It is the attraction of Ubud Rice Field Walk that is located in Tegalalang Village. Enjoy your time there by seeing the exotic scenery, doing farming activities, and eating delicious foods.



How long does it take to get to Ubud Rice Field?

You only need to spend around 15-20 minutes.

When is the best time to visit Ubud Rice Field?

The best time to visit the paddy fields of Ubud is during the dry season. Starting from April to September or October.

What hotels and inns have cheap prices?

1. Wijaya Guesthouse
2. Sakha House
3. Pondok Bali
4. Semanggi Cottage.