Do you have a plan to spend your holiday in Bali? Well, some of the best destinations in this island are located in Bedugul. So, it is a great idea to make a plan and create an itinerary that is focused on Bedugul visitations. You can look for a trusted tour agency for this. For example, there is Sandholiday that will help you to spend your time in Bali more fascinatingly. Sure, Sandholiday along with its transportation devices and accommodations will bring you to explore Bedugul if you are interested in it. Below, there are 8 places in Bedugul you should know when creating the itinerary. Check them out.

Bedugul Botanical Garden

Bedugul Botanical Garden is one of the most popular tourist objects in this area. Mostly, the visitors are local tourists but some foreigners are also seen back and forth there. There are so many activities to conduct here including the adventure provided by Bali Treetop. Besides, there are some beautiful spots to be visited in the environment of Bedugul Botanical garden. They are Bentar Temple, Ramayana Boulevard, Roses Garden, Lake Beratan View, Traditional Balinese House, and Kumbakarna Laga Statue.

The garden itself is basically a protected forest with very cool and refreshing air. The temperature at noon is approximately 20 degree of Celsius. The area is quite large; it is around 157 hectares with a height of 1240 meters above sea level. Sure, this location is necessary to be visited with family and friends.

Beratan Lake

Are you interested to visit another natural tourist object in the stunning area? Well, it means that Beratan Lake should be your next destination. Again, it is located on the height for around 1,239 meters above the sea level. It is also really strategic since it is right on the side of the highway. Interestingly, the entrance tickets are quite cheap also.

Some activities to do there are seeing the beautiful view in the lake area and renting a boat to go around the lake. Sure, there are also many facilities available including hotels and villas. The prices are various starting from the simple hotels for backpackers to the first-class ones for luxury trips.

Pura Ulundanu

Pura Ulundanu or Ulundanu Hindu Temple is still in the area of Beratan Lake. The temple is the primary icon of Bedugul or even Bali. Well, you may have seen it in many pictures in the internet and even calendars. For the location that is very close to the lake, the activities done are actually the same. Additionally, you can also do fishing and playing water ball on the place that has been provided. Watching the beauty of the temple along with the traditions done inside is also something that you should not miss out.

The visitation to Pura Ulundalu is available in one package with the Beratan Lake. This way, you can just save your money more. In Sandholidays, there are even packages of activities to be done in these two places at once. So, are you interested to ride a boat in the lake and then fishing? You can just do and pay them at once.

Buyan Lake

The area of Bedugul has some beautiful lakes indeed. Well, Beratan is not the only one since there is also Buyan Lake. The location is not too far from Beratan, it is only for around 11 km. To get there from another lake, it needs only approximately 20 minutes by car or motorcycle. Around the lake, there is an exotic conservatory area in the form of the tropical forest. Uniquely, it is always covered by the mist all the time. to see the lake and the area around, you don’t always need to get closer. It is possible also to do it on the highway of Pancasari.

So, what are the things to do around the lake? Mostly, people are coming there for the camping ground activity together with the family and friends. It is possible to bring your own tent from home. But if you don’t have it, you can just rent it with only IDR 125,000. If you convert it to USD, it is around USD6-7. Some other tools to buy there are the firewood and kerosene if you want to make a fire to cook the fishes.

Tamblingan Lake

The location of Tamblingan Lake is quite close from other lakes; Buyan and Beratan. Tamblingan Lake is the smallest one compared to the others. Uniquely, although it is quite small, the lake can just be seen from the distance. Slightly, it looks like the outlay of carpet with the crystal clear water. Similar to Buyan Lake, this lake is also surrounded by the tropical rain forest that looks really bushy and still natural. For the low temperature and high location, the place is almost always covered by the mist.

There is the origin of Tamblingan Lake. The name is derived from the words of “Tamba” and “Elingang”. Literally, Tamblingan means Panacea or the most beneficial drugs and herbs for all diseases. Some activities are able to do here including camping and cycling around the lake. The entrance ticket is quite affordable; it is only around IDR 10,000, less than a USD anyway.

Candi Kuning Market

Going to Bedugul seems not complete without visiting its traditional market. It is Candi Kuning market. This market is also located in a height with cool air. You can imagine how refreshing it is since the temperature is from 18 to 25 degree of Celsius. The things to sell here are various but they are dominated by fruits like strawberries, passion fruits, mangoes, water guavas, and more. Sure, you can also buy many kinds of fresh vegetables available here. The market can be simply reached from anywhere for the location that is right on the side of Bedugul highway.

The visitors of Candi Kuning market are mostly the local people who want to buy fruits and vegetables for their daily necessities. But of course, the tourists are also often coming here for buying the fruits and souvenirs. Moreover, this market also provides Balinese traditional handicrafts like paintings, statues, and more. Yes, only in one place, you can get many things at once.

Strawberry Garden

Do you want to visit a beautiful place while learning more about fruit farming? Well, this place can just be the best answer for you. It is the strawberry garden where the fruits are planted and grown before they are selling in the markets and shops. Sure, despite watching the farming process, you can pick the fruits and buy them to take home. This activity is done in the area of Bali Strawberry Farm restaurant in which you can enjoy delicious foods also.

Interestingly, the foods in Bali Strawberry Farm are various and almost all of them are made from strawberry. You can just name it. There are strawberry milkshakes, strawberry cakes, and ice cream. There are many unique meals also from the fruits that you can enjoy only in this restaurant.

Handara Golf & Country Club

You probably want to play an exclusive sport in Bedugul. It is a good idea since there is a golf area in Handara Golf & Country Club. The field is large just like the other golf fields you have known before. But sure, there are other things that may make you love to play the sport here. There is no other reason except the beautiful landscape around. This area is surrounded by a tropical forest that is really refreshing to see. Of course, restaurants and cafes are available in this area if you want to have breakfast or lunch.

The area of Handara Golf & Country Club is strategic. Yes, it is located not far from other tourist objects in Bedugul. Therefore, it is easy for you to reach this area from other tourist destinations. Unfortunately, the golf and club are rarely included in the tourist packages in Bedugul. If you want to visit the place, via Sandholiday, you may take the luxury trip packages.

Hotels and Accommodation

For so many places to visit in Bedugul, it seems impossible to get all of them only in a day. It means that you have to spend at least a night in a hotel, inn, homestay, and other accommodations there. Meanwhile, you must also need transportation devices to bring you from one place to another. Those are not big deals anyway since Sandholiday has provided you all the things needed. It depends on the package that you take whether you want to spend the night in a simple inn or luxurious hotel.

The inn or hotel’s price is started at around IDR 200,000 per night. There are also some promotions for discounts and free additional services for the customers. As it has been mentioned in some points above, some hotels and inns are even available really near with a particular tourist object. Some hotels are established near Pura Ulundalu since the temple is the icon of Bali. Sure, the nearer the hotel is, the price tends to be more expensive. Well, it is although the prices are still influenced by many other factors.



What are the places to visit in Bedugul that must be known when making Bali travel plans?

1. Bedugul Botanical Garden
2. Beratan Lake
3. Pura Ulundanu
4. Buyan Lake
5. Tamblingan Lake
6. Candi Kuning Market
7. Strawberry Garden
8. Handara Golf & Country Club

What are the foods in Bali Strawberry made from strawberries?

1. Strawberry Milkshake
2. Strawberry Cake
3. Ice cream

How much is Tambling Lake entrance ticket?

The entry ticket is quite affordable; the price is only around IDR 10,000, less than USD.